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The Buddhas and patriarchs, because of their great mercy, have left open the vast gates of compassion in order that all beings - both human and celestial - may thereby realize enlightenment.

Although karmic retribution for evil acts must come in one of the three stages of time, repentance lessens the effects, bringing release and purity. Therefore, let us repent before the Buddha in all sincerity.

The merit-power of repentance before the Buddha not only saves and purifies us; it also encourages the growth within us of pure, doubt-free faith and earnest effort. When pure faith appears it changes others just as it changes us, its benefits extending to all things, both animate and inanimate.

The essence of the act of repentance is as follows: "Even though the accumulation of our past bad karma is so great that it forms an obstacle to practicing the way, we beseech the various enlightened and compassionate Buddhas and patriarchs to free us from karmic retribution, eliminate all obstacles to the practice of the way, and share with us their compassion, for it is through this compassion that their merit and teachings fill the entire universe.

"In the past the Buddhas and patriarchs were originally just like us; in the future we shall become like them. "All our past evil deeds were the result of beginningless greed, anger, and ignorance: products of our body, speech, and mind. Of all these do we now repent."

If we repent in this way, we shall certainly receive the invisible help of the Buddhas and patriarchs. Keeping this in mind and acting in the proper manner, make your repentance.

The power derived thereby will wipe out your wrongdoings at their roots.

Concerning the English translation. - These translations are not offered as versions, but rather are selections from the by various English.speaking Zen groups.

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